A smart principle, numerous convincing advantages

  • Precise scraping guarantees optimum production processes with reduced material waste. This results in significant economic advantages.
  • Product safety: All parts of our scrapers are fully food compatible (according to EU regulations and REACH) and meet the highest hygienic standards.
  • Our scrapers are very gentle on conveyors, even under challenging conditions such as dry running. This extends the lifespan of your conveyors and significantly reduces maintenance costs.
  • Our scrapers are quick and straightforward to install on new equipment or existing systems. Our design permits installation even where space is limited.
  • The scrapers are cleverly constructed so that components cannot come loose and contaminate your product.
  • Our scrapers are extremely easy to care for and require little maintenance: simply swing away – wipe – finished (all of this without the use of additional tools). This saves you time and money.
  • Our scrapers are suitable for a wide temperature range (-20 °C to +60°C), remain elastic over the long term and are highly durable, even when used with problematic substances such as oil, grease, cleaning agents and solvents.
  • We supply our scrapers in various designs, installation heights and overall widths. Custom fabrication to meet your needs is available with short turnaround times.
  • Our scrapers are flexible in compensating for irregularities in the surface being scraped (e.g. foreign objects between the conveyor surface and drive roll).In contrast to fixed scraper units, there is no risk of damaging the conveyor surface and thereby contaminating the product.
  • Lifespan: our scrapers are very resistant to wear and abrasion, and have proven extremely durable even under high loads.
  • Custom fabrication: based on your specifications, we develop and produce custom scrapers quickly – optimised to meet local requirements.
  • Service: we are happy to come visit you, offering advice and also installing our scrapers on site if desired. You can even test your scrapers at no charge to you in order to convince yourself of their outstanding effectiveness in your production processes.