Why we make it easy for you


Uncomplicated installation

The sophisticated design of our scrapers permits cost-effective and fast installation in existing facilities. Depending on the existing construction, little or no changes to the conveyor and / or funnel will be required in most cases.

Our scrapers can be installed as head scrapers on the deflector roll or as universal scrapers on the conveyor return. Retrofitting rarely poses a problem, even under challenging conditions such as confined spaces.

The position of the scraper depends on the goods being conveyed and the subsequent use of the product being separated.

If the separated product remains in the product flow for subsequent conveying, installation position 1 is selected (see illustration).

Installation position 2 or 3 would be selected if the separated product is not returned to the main product flow.

In order to achieve the required pressing force of the scraper against the conveyor or roll surface, we use a maintenance-free torsion element integrated in the supporting tube. This type of positioning permits a space-saving design and also protects the torsion element against external influences. A double O-ring system creates a seal between the torsion element and supporting tube for optimum protection against the penetration of dirt and product residue.

If the scraper has to be aligned with the conveyor or roll cover following on-site installation, this is straightforward and requires little effort. With the standard scraper, the adjustment is made using an eccentric unit which is implemented as a counter bearing when one torsion element is used or as an eccentric bushing in case of two torsion elements. Aligning the universal scraper is quick and straightforward using the scraper's lever support.

Optimising the scraper pressure merely requires loosening the two lateral mounting screws on the conveyor body and tensioning the torsion element(s) accordingly.

Our scrapers are available in various installation heights with widths up to 2,500 mm. Custom fabrication is offered with short turnaround times.